Top 10 University Rankings in South Africa Released [ Univ. of Cape Town is 2nd ]

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University Rankings in South Africa Released. Consider the top universities in South Africa when choosing a place to study. This is because such institutions have a solid reputation from having gone through the test of time. In fact, most of them have been in existence long enough and have been around for quite a while hence have a solid background.

Most employers identify with such institutions and in fact, some prefer graduates from certain institutions when selecting employees.

Check out the following top 10 institutions whenever you want a place to study.

10. University of the Free State

The inst itution has been existence since 1904 when it was first established. It started out as Grey College and currently has close to 40 thousand students in its 3 campuses.

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Being an old college, some of the most respected people in South Africa are its alumni.

9. University of the Western Cape

Top 10 University Rankings in South Africa Released [ Univ. of Cape Town is 2nd ]Unique is what can be said for this college. It was established in 1959 and has been a champion of equality as it fights against racism. As such, this student population is one of the most diverse because of the special role it plays in giving all South Africans an equal opportunity.

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It also has a great relationship with other international institutions.

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