10 Times South African Pastors Have Embarrassed Christianity !!

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10 Times South African Pastors Have Embarrassed Christianity. So called ‘Men of God’ in South Africa have succeeded in making a lot of us wish we were not Christians.

Many years ago, Jesus Christ came on earth. During his time, he turned water to wine, cured a leper, removed demons and so many incredible miracles.
In his absence, Christianity was born and with it, came Men of God who have also performed some miracles in His name.

Some have succeeded in converting many souls with their divine acts, while others have only managed to mock the Christian religion.

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I think it is safe to say that South African pastors fall into these second category with their ‘miracles.’

With miracles like turning snakes to chocolate, turning petrol to wine, this ‘Men of God’ make a mockery of our religion.

Here are 10 times South African pastors embarrassed Christianity and make we want to change our religion.

1. Pastor Lesego Daniel walks on his members

10 Times South African Pastors Have Embarrassed ChristianityIn 2014, controversial South African pastor held a ‘deliverance session’, where he walked all over some of his church members, while the rest of the congregation looked on.

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