Gambia: Ousman Sonko Busted In West African Migrants Killings

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As campaigners are making big push to try Yahya Jammeh in Ghana, new evidences have emerged implicating Gambia’s longest serving interior minister. Ousman Sonko was the country’s top cop in 2005 and played a key role in the killings of more than 50 West African migrants.
Marion Volkmann of the Campaign to Bring Yahya Jammeh and his Accomplices to Justice said Thursday that Ousman Sonko was at the Naval HQ when the group of migrants were transferred from Barra to Banjul.
“He was in constant touch with Jammeh,” Marion Volkmann told journalists during a presser held at the Victims’ Centre in Kololi, some 12 km away from Banjul.
Sonko is currently detained in Swizerland where he faces charges of crimes against humanity. The ‘monster with a baby face’ is believed to have coordinated one of the tragic events in Gambia’s political history.
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“We have quite sure evidence that Ousman Sonko was coordinating the massacre of the Ghanaians and West African nationals,” she said.
Some shocking details released by Human Rights Watch and TRIAL International reveal that Sonko was instrumental in the killings that took place in July 2005.
Findings made by both organisations also reveal that other secutity chiefs were present at the Navy Command HQ when the migrants were taken to Banjul.
Written by Abdoulie JOHN
From: Freedom Newspaper

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