Gambia: KMC CEO says Bakary Jammeh’s claim that they are not fit for purpose is completely false

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Pa Kalifa Sanyang, the CEO of KMC, has refuted claims made in a report submitted to the authorities by the council’s then interim committee headed by Bakary Jammeh.

In the report which was leaked to online news-sites, the Jammeh Committee accused CEO Sanyang and his senior team of ineptitude and malfeasance and that both the staff and the institution were not fit for purpose.

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This apparently warranted the Ministry of Regional Government to send Mr Sanyang and his director of finance on their statutory annual leave. However, the month-long leave ended but the duo has not been recalled to work.

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Meanwhile, The Standard is privy to a long-read response letter sent to the authorities by Mr Sanyang. In it, he called the Bakary Jammeh committee report “grossly erroneous… replete with lies and distortions” and not a true reflection of the state of affairs at the KMC”. He accused the committee of engaging in a witch-hunt in broad daylight. Read the full letter on Pages 21 and 22.

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