Gambia: Julakay escorted by the paramilitary provided by Government in Faraba Banta?

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I’ve listened to some audios which it is alleged that Julakay is/ was escorted by the paramilitary. We’ve seen that during the time of Jammeh when the likes of Prince Ebraheem had the same privilege and now Julakay. If any businessman wants protection, go and hire private security firms. We have enough of them in the Gambia.
That said, the hand in the glove of the government and some businessmen are very worrying. These were the businessmen who were conniving with Jammeh and his cohorts and now President Barrow. Like wtf?

By: Dawda ML Ceesay

Security sector reforms won’t happen so long as it’s ramifications will have direct negative effects on a certain individual’s future political ambitions.

No wonder after 18 months in office, all we could show is Statehouse meetings with APRC heads, an emboldened APRC calling Jammeh “supreme leader”, an uncontrollable Paramilitary force, a clandestine youth movement, former Jammeh crooked associates like Julakay acting like Russian oligarchs, and now killings of innocent unarmed citizens.
Who would have thought?

These are the direct results of a presidency that has lost its bearings, it’s sense of direction and a total shift in priorities from The original goal post of reforms to now entrenchment by any means.
The direct result of cozying up and adopting the ways of the former regime to the detriment of poor victims and a traumatized nation all in the name of reconciliation.

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Time to go back to the drawing board. Start afresh, dust off those early reform documents and start implementing them.
Let’s not make the Commission of inquiry and the upcom ing TRRC a futile exercise.

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By: Bubacarr Sidiqi Jammeh

The Son of Julakay also was part of the PIU.killers. He also has a gun and shoots on the youths of Faraba. But how did he get a gun?

My Question is how did…hypocrite Julakay. Son got the gun and shoot on the youth’s of Faraba and still not been arrested why??

By: Udp Lion Jadama


Following Monday’s incident in Faraba Banta when two environmentalists were shot and killed by paramilitary police and dozens wounded, the National Assembly Member for Wuli West, Hon. Sidia Jatta has condemned vehemently the killing of those innocent people in cold blood for defending their livelihood, the dignity of their community and the welfare of the country. He urged his colleagues, and not only the member for the area, to do something about the heinous act. He expressed the view that mining has to stop in the area because it affects lands on which the community depends for their livelihood. If there are any resources to be tapped there, they should be utilized to serve the country as a whole; in other words, since it is sovereign national wealth, it should go into the coffers the country.

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The people of this country are crying and suffering and this disregard for fundamental rights and freedoms should stop with immediate effect. He pointed out that communities everywhere in the country are on each others throat regarding land; that he expects the relevant authorities to resolve those disputes for the peace of the country. He described the recent land disputes going on in the country as disastrous since it appears nothing is being done about them as if there is no authority or administration to address them.

He challenged the National Assembly select committee on land and environment to look into the issues very critically because peoples lands and compounds have been taking illegally without compensation either in cash or kind. I thought this committee would have dealt with those long-standing problems because they are very crucial and people are crying helplessly about them.

We have heavy responsibilities on our shoulders as Lawmakers for we are the eyes and ears of those we represent. I am sure we do not want to be found wanting in the execution of our oversight functions.

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He questioned as to how and why and where Julakay company got the authority to own that mining area in Faraba, because that land, if anything, the state should use to generate revenue for the country, but instead they are closing their eyes allowing that individual to enriching himself while Gambians are wallowing in pain and poverty.

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