The former junta spokesman retired army Captain Ebou Jallow has renounced his support for Adama Barrow, Freedom Newspaper can report. Jallow made the renunciation during Freedom Radio Gambia’s Sunday prime time Leral show. “ I have decided to renounce my support for Adama Barrow and his government. Barrow is a corrupt leader. He is running the most inept corrupt, and failed government. I cannot support a leader, who is dishonest, and discriminatory,” Jallow remarked.

Jallow comments followed a commission of inquiry white paper report in which Adama Barrow decided to exonerate some officials indicted by the commission. Among those Barrow let go was his Chief Protocol Alhagie Ousman Ceesay, Finance Mamburay Njie, and Fatou Mass Jobe, a former Tourism Minister under dictator Jammeh’s rule.

The Commission had recommended that Ceesay and Njie should be fired from the government and also be banned from occupying government jobs in their lifetime. But Barrow has decided to overrule the Commission’s findings.

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Jallow himself was indicted by the Commission white paper report. He felt that Barrow had abdicated his sworn duties and responsibilities as the nation’s President.

“This was a guy, who had taken an oath that he was going to discharge his duties as President without fear of Cavour or ill will. His biased decision on the Janneh Commission report has shown his lack of respect for the rule of law.  Barrow had violated his oath of office. His promise to Gambians was that he was going to uphold and defend the law, but that is not the case. He is cherry picking on the Janneh Commission report,” he added.

Jallow said under normal circumstances, the National Assembly should have open impeachment proceedings against Barrow. He says Barrow’s failure to enforce the recommendations of the Commission clearly shows that he (Barrow) is out to legitimize corruption in his government. He said there is no way Alhagie Ceesay, Mamburay Njie, and Fatou Mass Jobe should be let scot free when the likes of Momodou Sabally, and himself have been unjustly indicted.

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“In my view, Adama is a slave. His entire cabinet are slaves. He is not a man of his words. He had lied to Gambians. Barrow lacks prayers. His government lacks prayers. He lacks wisdom. He is not a promised leader. He is unfit to rule The Gambia. He has betrayed the wishes and aspirations of Gambians. I cannot support such a failure. Corruption is endemic in his rule. With effect from today, I have decided to renounce my support for Adama Barrow and his government,” he remarked.

According to Jallow, the Janneh Commission was flawed. He has denied conspiring with Yankuba Touray, and Edward Singhateh to steal $30 million dollars Taiwanese funds that were meant for The Gambian government.

“The Commission never wrote to me to inform me that there was an adverse findings against me. I learned about its findings from the publicized white paper. This was wrong,” Jallow told Freedom Radio.

Freedom Newspaper

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