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Young People Calls for end to Irregular Migration

Young People Calls for end to Irregular Migration
By Aja Dahaba
Returnees from Libya commonly call Youths Against Irregular Migration an anti
back way group has called for an end to irregular migration thus creating
awareness on the perilous journey.
YAIM is currently embarking on a 10days caravan sensitization caravan in the
Lower River Region to create awareness among young people village heads,
religious heads, women leaders and other pertinent stakeholders on irregular
YAIM is a youth led association comprising young Gambian migrant returnees
who aimed to improve lives of the people through poverty alleviation and income
generating activities that can bring change in the lives of the returnees through
entrepreneurial skills.

Sectary general Mustapha Sallah said the 10days caravan will availed them the
opportunity to interact and share with their fellow young people in rural Gambia
most of who are affected by the irregular migration syndrome. We will challenge
the government, NGOs, and the international community to consider YAIM and to
join us in the fight against irregular migration SG sallah said.
He said the help them to discussed issues that affect young people and irregular
migration returnees to create sustainable employment and contribute to national
development. We are determined to change the narratives and play our pacts in
the dispensations of the new Gambia he noted.
Sallah said irregular migration has cursed lot of devastation on families, while the
movers would have the notion that they cannot make it here and travelling to
Europe through the high seas is the only solutions for them. We regretted to
embarking on this perilous journey because many of our brothers were beaten
and some were killed in our presence while others died of hunger and starvation
he lamented.
According to him, they left the Gambia with they mighty aim of finding a better
living condition for their families due to the hardship they faced in the country.

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