Why Did Fatoumata Tambajang Reject Adama Barrow’s Foreign Service Offer? Was It About Palass Or Was It Ever About Gambia!

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By: Eden Sharp

It’s rather bemusing that Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang turned down the storybook appointment into the graveyard foreign affairs ministry! Her claim to fame is her beguiling phrase “let’s discuss this as a family.” She tried to make us believe that all that matters is The Gambia and the people’s progress! Well, Fatoumata, let’s discuss this as a family! The Gambia needs your services.

If Gthe ambia was the most important to her, surely she could have accepted working in The Government with the “father” of the nation as she tried to cajole Barrow into believing! She could have accepted her “redeployment” like Mai Fatty and Ousman Badjie! Or is it that it’s only about Gthe ambia as long as she has her mmuch-coveted palass as VP? Can’t Fatoumata work for the people in any other capacity? Or is it a question of Gehddah? Nfattah leh! At least she’s not Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay, the one that said she will be a cleaner for Yaya Jammeh if asked! Now that’s true patriotism!

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Géè Sir Eden, GrandMa, ruined her legacy for temporal gains. Am so disappointed with her. Stay Strong Sir; you are Vindicated.

Eddie Baagie Honorable Eden , I disagree on this based on the ambiguity of the position offerd to FJT , hence the press secretary didn’t lament much on the position offered and why she declined the offer. Secondly going by history , we have seen all those that barrow has relieved off their duties n promised to redeploy them to the foreign service never came to reality. Thirdly she might still be under shock cos definitely this might be the least she could expect from barrow. I do agree with the part of service to nation no matter what position given but to be honest some positions offered to her might be humiliating if she accepts.

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Eden Sharp No sir, we are in agreement… that’s why I called it a storybook appointment 🙂 … and if it’s all about country, one should be able to do whatever it takes for country! But I understand where you’re coming from 🙂

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Eddie Baagie Thanks u do , it’s some times kind of humiliating for especially her calibre after all the noise around her the connection n recognition she started gaining world wide then after a sudden an abrupt stop. I’m sure she must be going through a lot

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Dawda ML Ceesay It’s a case of VP or take your position to where the sun doesn’t shine. True Eden Sharp, “ah nyorr ta lay” .

Abdou Jallow Is Mai actually redeployed at the ministry of foreign affairs or was it just a ruse of some sort?

Eden Sharp It’s a storybook appointment into the graveyard ministry! People go there to get their careers buried :-))

Abdou Jallow Eden Sharp I see. So it’s just a stratagem to bury careers and the beloved mother of the nation has sensed the bait. She said she has flatly refused the offer “ajuttutah”

Abdou Jallow Is Mai actually redeployed at the ministry of foreign affairs or was it just a ruse of some sort?

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Madi Jobarteh The longer the journey all the true colours will show one by one!

Pawakka Jobe Frankly speaking Ndokay I am beginning to lose faith in the breed of politicians throwing the dice in our country. I dreamt of selflessness and putting Gambia first postures in our post Jammeh politicians. What I get instead is disappointment after disappointment. Which one of them is genuine anymore, is it all for self and Nada for our country

Modou Yaya Jallow Was the foreign service offer another bait? Just like how it was offered to both Mai and CDS-happiness?

Lamin Bah This was a long time plan by Barrow’s administration, why was the age limits change for the VP appointment not just for her but for the very one in office right now H.E Mr Darboe it was just a tactical alliance as he used to say.

Madeline Mendy Ha. Interesting. Sounds like only those who die at war should be hounoured as heros.

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