BY:Jadama Manfaring,

January 16.

Alieu K. Darboe, the councilor for Kembujeh Ward has challenged the recent re-appointment of Musa Suso as the deputy governor of the West Coast Region and therefore called for his immediate removal or resignation.

Musa Suso, had once served as the deputy governor of the West Coast Region in the past government, but was later removed. It was in the transition government, when President Barrow appointed him as his National Youth adviser, amid widespread criticism from the public with some calling for his resignation, as he had once been convicted on drug charges.

Speaking to The Point at his residence in Brikama, Darboe said as a strong fan of the coalition government, he is totally against the re-appointment of Musa Suso as the deputy governor of WCR.

Darboe made reference to the atrocities committed in the past government and that it would be interesting to note that Suso was a strong supporter of that regime.

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“There are so many other competent persons within the coalition government who can be appointed as deputy governor of the region, and some of these people have scarified their lives for a democratic change. Today if there is change of government and he (Suso) just sneaked in a different colour with the impression that he can mobilise people in the region, I can say that he has already lost his credibility. I can attest to the fact that I do receive calls from people complaining to me about their disappointment and frustrations in the re-appointment of Suso. We don’t need an ex-drug convict in that seat and I am saying this because I’m a concerned citizen of West Coast Region,” he said

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