Vice President Tambajang Says She Will Like To Become President! (PART 3)

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Part 2 here..

Arrey Ivo: “You are in the United Kingdom, what do you miss about Africa?”

Fatoumata: “I miss a lot about Africa. Africa is my continent and I will never abandon
her. I am here to study simply because I want to contribute meaningfully to the development of Africa and particularly in the area of the poor. I stand to advocate for the
poor not necessarily only the most vulnerable like women and children but everybody
that is poor needs a voice, a public voice, needs to be part and parcel of development and
needs to own development. United Kingdom has so many talents and they are developing
their country, my responsibility as an African and particularly an African woman is to go
out there in Africa and join the dialogue. My voice could be a small voice but when you
add one on one, it makes two. I am sure there are several hundreds of thousands of my
kind and even better who also have that same commitment and I think together we could
contribute to Africa moving from where she is today to a better place”.

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VP Tambajang pushes for civil service re form

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Arrey Ivo: “Would you like to be something bigger than the Minister you have been?”

Fatoumata: “Of course I will like to become some day the president of my country. Not
necessarily because of any other thing but because I am a citizen, I have worked for my
country, I have a constituency, I have respect in my country and the knowledge I am
gaining here is good to add an impetus into my academic knowledge, my academic
standing and I have the commitment of my people to help my people. So I am going into
politics not necessarily because I want something to gain but because I want to contribute
to my people. The assurance I will like to give to my people come the time would be that,
there will be a tenure of office. I will never want to be president more than 10 years
which is 2 terms. If my people say three years is a term of office, I will be there for six
years. Even if they say one year is a term of office, it is unrealistic but I am just giving an
example, to insist that I will not be there more than two terms because I belief if you
cannot achieve in the first term of office, there is no way you can achieve in a second
term. And we really need to advocate for democracy, genuine democracy where starting
from the political leadership we would have a term of office then people would be more
committed and have a practical agenda rather than perpetuating themselves. If you look at
Africa today many of our political leaders come in grace and leave in disgrace. I don’t
think that is worth it. You need to be a leader, be committed to your people, do what you
are supposed to do, you can never finish it, leave the stage for other people to continue
and I think I have the chance because today the world is talking about the empowerment
of women. Liberia has done it and I see no reason why Gambia cannot do it. So with the
help of Allah, the Almighty and with the support of my people, the Gambians and particularly the support of Africans and African women and some people that gender
sensitive, I could become the president and would be one of the most efficient and effective presidents of Africa”.

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Gambian president swears in female vice Jallow-Tambajang


Arrey Ivo: “Thanks very much for talking to this programme and I hope that I will be able to see you take over as president and if not contribute your ideas, your wonderful ideas to the development and construction of Africa.

Fatoumata: “Thanks very much. You will be very welcomed. My prayer is never ever to be different to the friends I have today. So you will be most welcomed come the time. God bless you”.

Arrey Ivo: “Thank you”

Source:  African Centre for Community and Development

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