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The United States ambassador to The Gambia has reassured her support to making more progress in the New Gambia, after a renewed friendship between her embassy and the country.

Patricia Alsup made these remarks as America celebrates 242 years of nationhood on Tuesday, the eve of American Independence Day at the U.S. Embassy’s Independence Reception Day at a local hotel.

“From my colleagues working in many of agencies back home, to my excellent staff here at the U.S. Embassy in Banjul, I can assure you that many people are doing all they can to support progress in The Gambia.”

She continued: “When we gathered here last year, I mentioned just a few new projects and activities that were made possible by our renewed friendship with The Gambia. Today, I am happy to report that the United States is partnering with the Barrow administration in even more ways”.

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Patricia Alsup went on to say her embassy is engaging in helping The Gambia on different sectors, noting that they have worked for many years to build democratic institutions, good governance and human rights.

She acknowledged the progress the country has made in these areas, further expressing her resolve and readiness to render more support.

“It is clear that The Gambia has made impressive gains in these areas in the past year. My government will continue to work with both government agencies and civil society organisations in support of even more progress.”

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She said her government is doing all it could to keep The Gambia on the right beat, as she is very hopeful for a better Gambia.

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“I hear the beat of justice in The Gambia. I hear the beat of peace and tolerance, the beat of respect for human rights, the beat of transparency and accountability in governance, the beat of prosperity for all. Most of all, I hear the beat of freedom in The Gambia and I hope you can hear it too.”

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The New Gambian government, she went on, has already made many advances to towards its democratic values. However, she said, many challenges lie ahead and to combat those challenges requires a commitment from the entire Gambian people and all sectors across to ensure a better Gambia.

Ambassador Alsup urged Gambians to exercise patience. “I must challenge the Gambian people to exercise patience as democracy and developments take time. The Gambia is still a work in progress, and it must be allowed to heal and build the necessary foundations.”

“Even in my own country, after 242 years, we are still working to achieve our ideals.”

The U.S. ambassador thus raised a glass and toasted to the freedom and prosperity in the New Gambia to ever strong ties between the United States and The Gambia.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko

Source: Picture: U.S. ambassador, Patricia Alsup

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