Ugandan scholar Stella Nyanzi surprisingly admits to being in ‘trouble’ in the wake of the looming return of her baby daddy.

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Controversial Ugandan academic and activist, Stella Nyanzi. FILE PHOTOControversial Ugandan academic and activist, Stella Nyanzi. FILE PHOTO


Known for her hard hitting comments on social media while commenting on topical issues, controversial Ugandan scholar Stella Nyanzi  surprisingly admits to being in ‘trouble’ in the wake of the looming return of her baby daddy.

The outspoken Nyanzi took to her Facebook page to explain the situation she is currently facing, adding she’d asked her United Kingdom based ex-boyfriend to put up at a hotel when he arrives in Uganda, so as to limit the possibility of the couple rekindling their flame.

Nyanzi who has courted trouble with both her former bosses at Makerere University and the First Family leading to her arrest for cyber bullying, says she has not seen his Gambian ex-lover – known as Ousman – for the past 12 years.

She however admitted that her children, who include twelve-year-old twins, are excited to meet their dad.

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“After twelve years of physical absence, my children’s father announced on phone that he is coming to see his children. The children are excited. I, on the other hand, do not know whether to laugh mockingly or cry painfully in response,” Nyanzi wrote.

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“He has never seen or touched or been in the same space as our twin sons who are now gentle giants. His physical connection with them ended when he planted then in my belly. He last saw our beautiful teenage daughter at Heathrow Airport when she clung to him and cried loudly at their parting.”

“I am confused, excited and angry. I am in deep trouble.”

Nyanzi has also shared the difference in ideology between herself and the father of her kids.

“I loved him very much against many odds. We fought hard for our union, amidst many differences. He is Muslim, I am Christian. He is Gambian, I am Ugandan. His ethnic group relies on pastoral herding, mine relies on plantation farming. He has no degree, I have four degrees including the highest (PHD) in my discipline. He is a nomad, I am a settler.”

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From: NAIROBI news

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