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Turks Pledge More Security Support.

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Turks Pledge More Security Support.

The Turkish ambassador, H.E. Ismail Sefa Yuceer, has said that in the last two decades, the cooperation between Turkish police and The Gambia police varied from exchange of materials to training programme, pledging that their support towards the Gambian police will continue extensively.

He added that in the near future they will continue their programmes depending on the needs of the Gambian police.

Ambassador Ismail Sefa Yuceer was speaking on Friday during the graduation ceremony of 30 Gambia (PIU) police officers who were trained on Public Order Management by the Turkish National Police for two weeks.

The Public Order Management course entails: Investigative skills, Communication skills, Traffic Control Management, Movement and Tactics as well as crowd and riot control.

This training for the 30 PIU officers is part of preparations for the upcoming OIC Summit in The Gambia.


He further said that the Turkish police have since January conducted series of training for the Gambian Police Force, noting that most of the training conducted by the Turkish will help in some areas in the Gambian securities and also develop and expand their skills.

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“The police in the world are preparing to distinguish all kind of challenges but the most important of that is how to respond well in terms of riot and crowd problems.” He added that this kind of training will help both the Gambian and Turkish police.

He said that all the units of Turkish police are well prepared to respond to any kind of challenges, saying that the Gambian police participants are very lucky to have some inspiration from the Turkish police

According to him, the two weeks training programme will not be sufficient for the Gambian police, but said that this was going to be an ongoing process as the cooperation between the Turkish police and the Gambian police is very smooth.

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