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Musa Amul Nyassi, the National Assembly Member of Foni Kansala, has said that the people of Foni deserve equal treatment as those of Faraba from the Barrow-led government.
He made this demand this week during the adjournment debate of the Second Ordinary Session of the National Assembly in the 2018 Legislative Year.
He continued: “It is high time this government considered Foni to be part of The Gambia and take it as their responsibility for their upkeep, security, development and whatever it takes for a responsible government to be of service to her people.”

“Honestly we want an explanation as to how this government is seeing us as people of Foni,” he said.
He said when shootings happened in Far aba, even the representatives showed solidar ity.
If we are to call ourselves National Assembly Members of the Gambia wherever it happens, it should be a concern to all of us, he said.

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Amul said a soldier from his constituency was killed sometime back but even after some arrests were made, the public is still in the dark about the findings of the investigations.
“Six months today, we have not heard what the conclusion is as far that investigation is concerned. Sadly enough, I sometimes sit and begin to wonder how is this government portraying the people of Foni, how is this government actually handling the issues that concerned the people of Foni.”
“Right now as we speak, we have soldiers in detention for one-year six months without trial and I can comfortably tell that if it is ten, eight or nine are all natives of Foni. One year six months without trial, they are all detained at the Yundum Barracks.”

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