Town reconfirms its ties to African village

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VILLAGERS in a Gambian village will continue to be connected to Marlborough after the charity pledged thousands of pounds to help the African village in 2017.

At the Brandt Group’s annual general meeting, the charity revealed it had pledged £49,532 towards work funding the improvement of living conditions in the village last year.

The charity has recently closed its office in order to lower running costs to secure a sustainable future for the charity.

Volunteering work has includes a summer trip this year with 15 students from St John’s Academy to fence gardening land and protect it from wild animals. They will be working alongside carpenters, builders and volunteers for Gunjur.

Chairman Alex Davis said: “Over 2,000 people have taken part in an activity in Gunjur through MBG, bringing back with them a changed personal world view and often a changed direction in their lives. We believe the long term positive impacts of the work MBG does are secure for many years to come.”


SPEAKING following the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Nick Maurice, of Marlborough Brandt Group has praised the work being done to support The Gambia.

Marlborough has had a link with Gunjur, a remote Gambian village, for the last 36 years.

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The country’s commonwealth link was withdrawn by dictator and President Yayha Jammeh in 2013 but now the new president Adama Barrow has returned to the Commonwealth table.

Following the meeting, which Mr Maurice attended, he said: “A wonderful personal feature for me was to see, standing tall among the 53 Heads of Government sitting on the platform behind Her Majesty, President Adama Barrow of The Gambia.

“This was the sign that The Gambia with which Marlborough has had a partnership through the Marlborough Gunjur link for 36 years, had been accepted back into the Commonwealth.

“While there is some impatience being expressed by Gambians that after one year in office the President should have done more, after 22 years of suffering at the hands of the tyrant who has left the country bankrupt, inevitably it will take time for recovery.

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“We must do all we can to support that recovery not least through our friends in Gunjur and encouraging other Commonwealth countries to support The Gambia through its transition to stability and economic progress.”

From: Gazette and Herald

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