“Those who supported former President Yahya Jammeh to cling on to power, should be charged for treason.”

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Alhagie Basiru Gassama, a renowned politician and former regional and divisional adviser to the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) has stated that the current leader of the former ruling party, Fabakary Tombong-Jatta, and others who have supported former President Yahya Jammeh during the political impasse with a view to enabling him cling on to power, should be charged for treason.

Gassama, a Bakau resident and one-time member of the National Intelligence Services (NIS) during the former PPP regime, was speaking in a recent exclusive with The Point.

“The current leader of APRC should be taking to trial for treason because they are the people that went to parliament in order to change our constitution in an attempt to ensure that Jammeh stayed longer in power. Therefore, all of them should face treason trial,” he added.

The renowned politician said he joined the United Democratic Party (UDP), when Jammeh declined to relinquish power. “APRC will never bounce back. For me alone APRC should have been banned like how Yahya Jammeh banned the PPP and NCP and other parties during the transitional period.”


According to him, he never knew Jammeh was committing atrocities during his regime. However, with the ongoing revelations at the Janneh Commission and the confession of some of his hit squad – ‘junglers’, he came to reason that Jammeh committed atrocities.

“I have been advising Yahya Jammeh about issues that were happening during the APRC regime, but he never listen. I want to inform Seedy Njie, the APRC spokesperson and the APRC leader to keep quite because Gambians are not fools. They will never come to power as far as we are concerned. We will campaign against them in a peaceful manner until all Gambians understand the truth. Only selfish Gambians who don’t want to understand the truth are following APRC. If their brothers and sisters were killed they would have not followed the APRC.”

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He thus urged all Gambians to put hands together and work towards the development of the country.

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“Everybody was a victim of Yahya Jammeh. I personal followed Jammeh because I was a victim of the PPP regime. But when I come to know who Jammeh was we fell apart. In fact, the APRC name should be changed.”

He hinted that he did not see any security threats in the country for the fact that the securities are doing their utmost best. However, Gassama calls for collective effort in ensuring that the country continues to remain in peace.

“Anything you see wrong, give signal to the police so that peace and stability will continue to reign in the country.”

However, he refuted claims that the country’s security is outsourced from Senegal.

Author: Momodou Jawo

Source: Picture: Alhagie Basiru Gassama

From: The Point

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