They are now Preaching instead Criticizing after gaining employment.adama barrow Featured Gambia News yahya jammeh 

They are now Preaching instead Criticizing after gaining employment.

They are now Preaching instead Criticizing after gaining employment.

One by one they will join BYM one after the other. Most of them pretends but they don’t have the Gambia at heart, for them it’s about the money they are making.
After having criticized the Jammeh govt for their wrong doings and ended up gaining appointment in this clueless govt, now you have the audacity to preach instead of continuing the criticisms to correct the foul play of our current dispensation. What have you countered as a misdemeanor since the inception of this Coalition govt when issues regarding MoU, economic scandals, dismissal of core coalition members, constitutional and electoral reforms,scandalous foundation, mysterious donations,loans and pledges have been raised by concerned Gambians? You decided to grab your chance and remained mute. I hope all rational Gambians know what you are up to now. So give us a break.The likes of:

√Bamba Mass
√Nyang Njie
√Sey Bokar Essa
√Fatu Camara-about to join after inviting the first lady to her social networking event. In fact she has already stop publishing critical news about Barrow and FaBB.
√Mama Linguerr Sarr -after listening to her recent Facebook Live it’s like she is secretly dragging her foot to join BYM. She is a smart Serere. She is just studying and taking her time but she has a good heart for Barrow and BYM.
Many of this socall activists who were loud are now mute after having a job.
Is like they forget what we were fighting for. Many of these socall activists has been described by some media outlets as certified pathological liers.
Sorry to say, but the Fact. Shame on this hypocrisy.

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