The Vice President of the West African Bloc ECOWAS’s Edward David Singhateh has been accused of masterminding the gruesome killing of Gambian army officers, who were accused of coup back in November of 1994. Mr. Singhateh was the Junta Defense Minister at the time of the mass execution of the officers. The revelation was made by Sait Darboe, a former Army Private soldier. Darboe was giving evidence yesterday before Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC). Mr. Singhateh works at the ECOWAS Secretariat in Nigeria. He was elected Vice President of the African bloc during dictator Jammeh’s rule. He still maintains that portfolio. Mr. Darboe says Singhateh had played a leading role towards the execution of the November 11th coupists. He says Singhateh did not only supervised the execution, but he also took part in the mass execution of the former army officers. He says Singhateh’s younger brother Lt. Peter Singhateh had also took part in the execution of the accused officers. He described Peter Singhateh as a heartless former officer. Peter now lives in the United Kingdom. He is a trained army pilot. PETER SINGHATEH Sait Darboe had served under Edward Sighateh’s Echo company prior to the July 22nd 1994 coup. He says he was among the soldiers, who aided Singhateh and co to overthrow the 30 years Jawara rule. He says the junta had promised to allocate them with housing, decent pay, and other fringe benefits before the execution of the coup, but had never fulfilled any of the promises they made to them. He says not more than 50 young soldiers, who conspired with the four army lieutenants to overthrow Sir Dawda’s rule. He added that without the participation of the young soldiers, the coup would not have materialized. It was five months after the military takeover that Sait Darboe and his colleagues had started plotting to overthrow the military junta that was headed by former Chairman Yahya Jammeh. Singhateh, Sanna Bairo Sabally, Yankuba Touray, and Saidibou Hydara were part of the military council. Darboe said the November 11th coup was headed by the late Lt. Basiru Barrow. He says he was recruited by Dot Faal, a former army officer to join the coup. But the coup was later foiled. According to Darboe, all the Council members with the exception of dictator Jammeh, were present at the Yundum Barracks at the time of the execution of his comrades. He says Singhateh made a remark that the accused officers should be killed. Yankuba Touray also said the accused officers should dance to their own tune because their actions amount to treason, he added. He says soldiers led by SGT Papu Gomez, Baboucarr Sanyang, Corporal Alhagie Kanyi, one Lance Corporal Baboucarr Mboob, and others acted on Singhateh’s orders to kill the accused officers. Baboucarr Mboob lives in New York City. He was the soldier, who shot and killed SGT. Ebrima Ceesay of Kaur, he testified. BABOUCARR MBOOB WITH 13 BADJIE Papu Gomez is an acting serving member of Gambia’s Armed Forces. He is now among the top officers at GAF Headquarters in Banjul. Alhagie Kanyi works at Gambia’s Immigration Department. Kanyi has been stationed at the Soma Immigration Post. He is an Immigration Superintendent. He is an uncle to the Army Chief of Defense Staff Masaneh Kinteh. ALHAGIE KANYI Sait Darboe also mentioned the name of one Njie Ponkal, a senior army officer at the GAF Headquarters. He says Njie Ponkal was around when the accused officers were about to be executed. He even had to ask Ponkal, about what was going to be the fate of the accused officers, but Ponkal told him that they were going to be executed. He says Ponkal also told him that he (Sait Darboe) was behaving as if he was not a soldier. Ponkal was his batch mate in the army. Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai Email: Tel: 919-749-6319 The post GAMBIA: ECOWAS VICE PRESIDENT EDWARD SINGHATEH, ACCUSED OF ORDERING THE EXECUTION OF GAMBIAN ARMY OFFICERS, ACCUSED OF COUP BACK IN NOVEMBER OF 1994! appeared first on Freedom Newspaper. Freedom Newspaper


He was onetime hated by dictator Jammeh’s controlled police intervention unit (PIU) but today, he is their darling. Not was he not only manhandled by the PIU and dumped into a waiting trick back in May of 2014, he was also assaulted. He sustained injury on his head, as a result of the PIU manhandling. Ousainou Darboe is Gambia’s Vice President and Defacto President. He is also the Minister of Women’s Affairs.

He is more popular than the rookie wanna be President Adou Boy. He is the one running Banjul today. His party forms the majority in Parliament. He also had his loyalists in key sectors of the administration.

The chickenhearted Adou Boy has been talking behind Darboe’s back for months now. He has told his confidants that he was going to fire Darboe and the UDP Ministers, but that never happened. He is apparently scared about the ramifications of what such a move would land him into.


For now, Darboe has won the beef. Congrats Darboe Julla. 

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