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BY: Aziz Dabakh Gaye

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In the wake of the shortage of Bread Crisis, Collectively as elected Officials and Councillors of our respective wards mandated to serve in the interest of our people under the directive of the Council took it upon ourselves to investigate into the matter and if possible find a solution to it.

We successfully went round all Bakeries within Banjul and engaged them for a discussion in regards to why they decided to cease baking and for us to agree for a way forward for the benefit of the Citizenry, in particular, the residents of Banjul.

In our dialogues, we found out that the issue was in regards to the price per bag of flour that was reduced and then increased later on leading to them also reacting by reducing a piece to D6 and then later increasing to D7 before finally ceasing to bake.

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The good news, however, was that our efforts yielded some benefits for we were able to make an arrangement for at least some dozens of bread to be baked by the willing few bakeries within Banjul for the residents. News also came in that the issue was resolved through a dialogue between the Ministry and the ‘BA’.

We welcome the effort of Government and the willingness of the Bakers to engage in constructive discussions with the aim of reaching a solution. Henceforth our approach as a council is to ensure that amicable solutions are found to all problems that affect residents of Banjul. — in Banjul, Gambia.

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