The Staff of The Social Security & Housing Finance Corporation protesting outside The State House calling on the removal of their boss, Mr. Muhammed Manjang.

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The staff of The Social Security & Housing Finance Corporation protesting outside The State House calling on the removal of their boss, Mr. Muhammed Manjang.

Asked why they want the MD removed, a staff told The Fatu Network that Manjang ‘deprived them of their rights and privileges’.

Photo Credit: Kabiru Musa Darboe

Lamin Saidy If they dont want to work under him let them just resign is very simple, All of them are corrupt and want to continue eating peoples money. #NO TO CORRUPTION.

Ebrima Darboe They just don’t have an opportunity to steal, he is not going anywhere ,he is here to stay ,if they don’t want to work with him is better they leave,very selfish and greedy people, they want it all that shall never happen again in this country,

Njie Papifatou Ak Dawda The president will make the biggest mistake of his term if he fires this MD just because a bunch of idiots who are bent on misusing public funds wants him fired because he wount let them misuse public funds. FOOLS AMULEN BEN JOM!!

Yaya Trawally The problem with social security is not the MD the problem is the staffs them self. You have fail us as Gambian. The MD is here to stay if anybody doesn’t like it please resign.

Landing Kassama Absolute height of hypocrisy from disgruntled SSHC staffs. If they think the public supports them, they must be mistaken. I support Manjang 100% for the austerity measures he’s initiated. It’s also high time the President gives the MD public vote of confidence rather than a muted response!!

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Alpharomeo Sowe You have the right to protest but u occupying other people space so i advise you to return back to your gate and free up that small space in Bjl…Many of Government civil servant are LAZY, go to work late and close early now asking rights and privileges…resign if you can work period.

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Tom Sawyer Because some nonsense staffers believed that the managing director wanted to introduce reforms in the corporation to hold some staffers accountable for some missing finances during former president Yahya Jammeh’s tenured, this is the fact, but they won’t be succeeding. Because this man is here to stay..inshaallah. however, president Barrow need to wake up now. It’s time!

Jula Banna What I understand in this matter, these staffs are not getting what they use to get before. So wish government can take decisive against them, to stop others from different government departments doing the same. If not things will be difficult for our president to control

Sammy Suwaneh What kind of right? Right to steal? he will stay greedy, selfish Gambian don’t like competent and honest bosses.

Sawo Baba He fights against corruption that’s why they don’t like him

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Gibriel Jobe is a shame for you staffs to go out there to protest for your MDto to remove but you don’t protest for ours money we psy to you to build a housing homes for us shame to you guys for hiw long we are paying you which estate did you build and give it to pensioners.we need answer

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Tima Sulayman Saho Manjang is safeguarding pensioners fund. My immediate neighbor was a former employee at social security, he explained how Manjang is been frustrated by staff who are bent on embezzling pensioners funds in the name of house loans and study loans ect……. this must stop and Manjang is here to stay!

Samuel Keita Oh my god ! Look at these corrupt officials of social security! They want Manjang simply because he deprived them from stealing the pensioners money. President Barrow please keep Manjang and if any corrupt official don’t want then let them vacate social security and look for somewhere else. It cannot be business as usual.

Musa Keita You want him to loose his job but u don’t wish to loose your one sad days are yet to over

Baboucarr Ceesay How can the whole office didn’t like him, something must be wrong.

Kuba Kassama Nonsense!! Corrupt bunch of idiots.. why don’t u all resign.

Ebrima Darboe He is not going anywhere, you’ve been stealing our money for so long and nothing comes out of it,the population were working for you especially those at the hotel industry, some don’t have a social security number,

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Yaya Sillah The staff of social security are very useless and greedy, how can you forcefully demand for something that is not right.

Omar Malmo Jnr Shameless folks. Greedy people. You are heartless. Pensioners money should be your benefits idiots

Alimatou Savage Foon Their must be a reason for the staff to go out in the street to protest against this Machine guy. Don’t defend him until you know the reason for which the whole of SSHFC is protesting. They may have a lot of evidence against him.
Mr. President, please listen and get the facts, don’t give a deaf ear.

Baba Danso They talk about their rights and privilege,but what about the citizens of the Gambian right and their privilege you don’t cear about that but y are taking your own selves, is peoples mad or what, precedent Barrow I want to warn you if you accept this type of nonsense your government will never succid and the end your government will fall too ok this type of nonsense has to be stop what is wrong with this hypocrisy Gambia wher we are going is time wake up to fight these yaya jammeh enables.





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