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The Gambia’s 54th Independence celebrations coverage.

The Gambia’s 54th Independence celebrations coverage.

The Office of the President is pleased to announce that media accreditation for coverage of the forthcoming Independence celebrations of our beloved Republic is open. This year’s activities will take place between the 16th – 21st February 2019.

Heads of bona fide media organizations, both accredited and non-accredited State House media, interested in covering the events should send a notice of interest in writing to the Office of the DPPR listing their representative(s) to Each media house can accredit up to:

1) Two reporters and a camera-person for newspapers and news agencies;
2) Two TV crews (one reporter and a cameraman each). However, media houses interested in live coverage can apply for more, and each case will be treated separately.
3) Two reporters for each radio station

Deadline for submission of application is 4:00 P.M, Wednesday, 12th February 2019.

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