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The Gambian president is God-fearing and constitutional, in January 2016 the elected president Adama Barrow took an oath in office or sworn-in with the Holy Qur’an on his hand that he will rule the Gambia without fear or favor. Ill will or compassion.

The president acted constitutionally without fear or favor, ill will or compassion by approving the resignation letter of the inspector general of police (IGP) Landing Kinteh, he was appointed in office on 22nd June 2017 and resigned from office on June 2018.

On the same oath, the president has sworn-in, have appointed Mr. Mamour Jobe as acting IGP, followed by hot update circulating on the media on 25th June 2018 that the interior minister Ebrima Mballow and SIS director Mr.Sowe are both fired by the president.

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However, it’s circulating that Agriculture minister O.J Jallow and the Vice-president Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang plead to the president not to sack both Honorable minister Mr.Ebrima Mballow and SIS director Mr.Sowe.

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Office of the Vice president makes a press release denying the allegation that she did not plea to the president for the dismissal of Mr. Mballow and Mr.Sowe.

Both the interior minister and the SIS director deserve to be dismissed as stated by the law or the constitution of the Gambia.

You will get more update on this story.

By: Pa Modou Jarra,
Investigative Journalist.

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