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The Gambia can be a Hotspot for Serious Investors in the Media Industry.

The Gambia can be a Hotspot for Serious Investors in the Media Industry.

Gambia can be a hotspot for any serious investor in the media industry now that free speech and democracy is slowly coming back. There is no media house in the Gambia that’s strictly operating on ethics, journalists poorly trained and overuse and freelancing slowly dying. Infact,some reporters/freelancers especially female journalists are seduce by their male dominant editors before their stories are being published. It’s very terrible to be a journalist in the Gambia, baboons work monkeys eat,most of the media houses are run like a family business.In s nutshell journalists wants to expose People but they don’t want to be exposed. Gambia! My Media Empire is Coming!
Gambia Media is a joke trying to survive on monopolize advertising scheme that is policised.Government any where are the main advertisers, Infact during Jammehs time media houses that were critical of his government never got support from his government in the form of adverts and unfortunately Barrow is also using the same Jammehs old play book. It’s either you are in or out, that’s Why most journalists or media houses have now turned to be partisan politics.One has to be financially stable to be able to be an independent journalist in the Gambia or else you will dance to the chune of Politicians. With a country of less two million people the Gambia still cannot afford a radio station or a News paper that can cover the entire country 24×7 at the same time without being link to community radios in the provences. Both the government and the private sector are failing us in this regard, even the National broadcaster is still a shame, the Gambia is not only Serekunda,KMC and Brikama. We need a serious investor in the media industry that can cover the entire length and breadth of the country at the same time and moment. The Gambia is not only Serekunda, KMC and Brikama.

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