The Democratic Union of Gambian Activists, DUGA, holds President Barrow responsible for Faraba Bantang Incident

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DUGA Press Statement : Paramilitary forces shot and killed three, wounded local environmental activists

The Faraba Bantang Incident                        June 18, 2018
The Democratic Union of Gambian Activists, DUGA, holds President Barrow and his administration solely and wholly responsible for the senseless murder of unarmed civilian protesters in Faraba Bantang. We watch with horror as the Barrow government continues to spiral out of control, from the murder of Haruna Jatta in Kanilai (with no investigation, even though one was promised); to the arrests of peaceful environmental activists; and now these senseless murders and arrest of a journalist. It is appropriate to say that the Barrow government has lost its way and is determined to consolidate itself by any means necessary.
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We have said it, and will unequivocally reiterate, we will never tolerate a return to dictatorship or any form of tyranny in The Gambia. What was unacceptable under Jammeh is STILL unacceptable in The Gambia today.  We lay the blame squarely on President Barrow and his government for arming the PIU with live bullets to quell a peaceful protest.
We condemn, in the strongest terms, the brutal killings and injuries of innocent citizens of Faraba Bantang. We call on the Barrow government to immediately launch a comprehensive and independent investigation into this unfolding national tragedy and bring perpetrators to justice.
The Democratic Union of Gambian Activists

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