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Finally the time has come for people to understand Gambia’s problem is young leader.  For 22 years this country was in the hand of young people look at what they have given to us, only sad stories.

Now they are coming out telling us they were young at that time.  In TRRC all the junta members who testified in TRRC said they were young at the time.

Now come to President Adama Barrow who became youngest flag bearer among the coalition leaders also trying to putting us into another difficult situation that we cannot come out ourselves.

Look! Wake up, Gambians, let us give the country to elderly people next time around especially to Lawyer Ousainou Darboe who will know the difficulties and problems we face and be able to raise these issues in meeting and do them as government.  The old people always wise, I said elderly people know the difficulties and problems we face.

I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to the young people but we have to say the truth but only the truth before President Barrow also put us into  another sad stories who is trying to do everything to stay  in power.  This is the main facts that are not a secret, we are all seeing it right now happening.  Let us be careful and wake up enough.  TRRC is our witness.  Let’s be aware of the youthful haze of mistaking desire for love of leadership, is not helping the Gambian.  We have too many difficult problems today because of young leadership, for 22 years.  Do we want to repeat the same mistakes?

Nowadays, people have completely changed. People think that they can dominate others.  That’s the reason why problems occur.  Instead of believing in each other and coming together in unity, people are splitting more and more apart and hating each other.

We distance ourselves from each other, unconscious of the result.  You may ask, how are we rejecting God?  We are rejecting God by hating each other, because we are not cognizant

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 that God love people.  This is why he is creating us.  God loves all people, the white, the black, the yellow, the fat and the skinny.  Appearance is only temptations through which God is testing us.

Until we recognize these basic things, we will remain asleep.  Not us but our spirit or our spiritual guide.  Then the day will come, when people will realize that we are all equal that we all come from God.

The future is unknown, it is about time we learn lessons.  God is testing us in so many difficult ways today.   We must show our gratitude to God.  We have to embrace, support and cherish lawyer Ousainou Darboe the noble and righteous leader. His record is exemplary and his leadership is outstanding.  In the conflict he seemed under the power of his enemies but he is fearless.  Lawyer Darboe has demonstrated the best leadership qualities in the most urgent need and difficult period in our country’s political history.  Darboe is a man of truth, noble in character; decent in his decisions a quality some of his attackers lacked and surely need.  Darboe is a good man, good parent and a good citizen.  For he has a heart stronger than a lion and gentler than a new born baby.

Please, let us be grateful and  honest as citizens of the country and try we live this life with dignity.  This is the only country we have, how do we ensure that there is continuous peace and stability.
A concerned Gambian Citizen
Write for all peace lovers.
This is my opinion to all citizens
Who care to understand.
All my love.  Thank you.

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