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President Adama Barrow has proven to have balls after all, he dared to sack some presumed untouchable political heavy weights, he jettisoned all his unwanted cargo, elevate and positioned his political God father nearer to the seat of the presidency, which it has be alleged both of them seems to be eyeing for going into the future, thus making setting the stage for the possibility of a future clash between them, all this is happening at a time when president barrow is consolidating his Barrow youth movement, which many observers see as the embryo to a future political party.
Politics it’s said can be a very unpredictable affair and sometimes very treacherous. It’s said that a day is too long in politics, and the rapidity of the unfolding of events in Gambia has proven that to be the case.

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Before her redeployment to the foreign office, the Vice President was towering political figure in the coalition, wielding a lot of political power, but executive power is proven to be far more powerful, and is a victim of executive might.

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A lot of people had written off President Barrow as being meek, weak, and incapable of making tough decisions, but his first major act of ministerial reshuffle have sent shivers within the corridors of power, his message is loud and clear, the have what it takes, he has the audacity and is capable of being ruthless should the need arise.

One may agree or disagree with his choices of ministerial selections, but that’s a mooting point, for another day, however what is obvious and blatant is the fact that the president has the temerity to act as he deem fit and that will send signals to all those in positions of authority, within the corridors of power that no one is immune to being fired, and that there will be no sacred cows. This action is read in many quarters marking the beginning of him consolidating power by demonstrating that he is in complete control, thus reminding them that he is in charge.

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Now that father and son are in the driving seat maybe they will start to deliver as there will be more harmony and less rancour as was allegedly reported in his former cabinet.
The cabinet is mainly composed of UDP family members, the government by all intent and purpose is now a single unified UDP family.

The UDP fringe surrogates who constantly attack Barrow will now find themselves in a dilemma because they cannot have their cake and eat it.
Since its inception the government has proven to be ineffective, incompetent and not capable of delivering a single major development project.
.it has been a government dogged by scandal after scandal, it’s track record in terms of resolving conflicts is very poor, lots of corruption allegations have made against them and president Barrow was described as reactive and not proactive but in this cabinet reshuffle he has demonstrated that there are no sacred cows.

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The question being asked, is this an act of consolidation of power or is it an act of timidity towards Darboe recognising his political power base as the chief patron of UDP party.
Is it a negotiated settlement for Darboe to allow Barrow to contest the next elections or is it the case that Barrow is lifting Darboe high up only to drop him on the floor at the eleventh hour, there are lots of speculations but only time will tell. In the meant time the coalition is collapsing, the drama is unfolding, President Barrow have recognised how powerful he is will Darboe be casualty in future if he fails to conform. We are living observers

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