Ten villagers of Tahneeneh held captive by the Police

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Ten villagers of Tahneeneh, in Kombo East, have been arrested by the police. The detainees were taken into custody in connection with a planned burial of their loved one amid a land dispute unfolding at the village. They are currently detained at the Brikama police station.

This followed mounting tensions in the Gambian village. Villagers are having a graveyard burial dispute. Tahneeneh is a Manjako settlement outside Gunjur. The villagers there have been accused of land trespassing and illegal usage of someone’s land for burial purposes. Someone died in the village last night and the villagers wanted to use the land in question to bury the deceased. This is sparking a pandemonium in the locality.

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As the paramilitary have been confronted with the Serre-Kunda market vendors demonstration debacle, news reaching us, indicated that a contingent of the  Paras have been deployed to Tahneeneh ahead of tomorrow’s burial.

The villagers of Tahneeneh were allocated a piece of land, in which they were supposed to use for burial purposes, but the community reportedly rejected the land. They allegedly demolished a house built at the disputed land by the landowner and transformed the land as a graveyard.

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A major showdown is expected at the village tomorrow. We will keep you posted with developments. Stay tuned.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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