Teenage Gambian Burglar In Police Net

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Namory Keita is charged with burglary and stealing

A Gambian teenager who allegedly broke into a family home and repeatedly knifed one of the occupants before making away with household items has been arrested.

Namory Keita, 19, of Nema Wasulung, was nicked Tuesday by police officers  at Bundung Borehole Police Station, a few hours after the incident was reported.

According to the police, the teenager broke into the house of Zahib Hydara, a Mauritanian national, around 6:00AM while he was asleep with other occupants. When he was confronted, he launched into one of the occupants and Dhehbi Bellal, and stabbed him three times on the right armpit before making away with two mobile phones, a bag containing D1000 and a Mauritanian passport.

Police recovered items allegedly stolen from the burglaries

Immediately after receiving the report, officers of the Bundung Police CID Unit launched an investigation resulting in the arrest of the teenager. The officers recovered the bag containing D1000 and a Mauritanian passport. The officers also  found on him a tablet, suspected to be a drug called Ross.

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Further investigations also linked teenager to an earlier burglary incident around the same neighbourhood.

When questioned by police, Keita admitted breaking into the house of Zahib Hydara. He said the two mobiles he took from the house were sold before he was arrested.

He also admitted to the second burglary where a flat screen television set and a smart phone were taken. He told the officers that the TV was sold to one Baboucarr Ceesay for D1200.

The teenager later led the investigators to Ceesay where the TV was recovered.

Ceesay was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property while the teenager was charged with burglary, stealing, assault causing grievous bodily harm and possession of suspected drug.

From: Jollof News

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