Survivor narrates how over 44 Ghanaians were murdered in The Gambia

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The Gambia: Survivor narrates how some Ghanaians were murdered

Memories of the gruesome murder of some 44 Ghanaians in The Gambia are still fresh on the mind of Martin Kyere, the lone survivor who narrowly escaped with his life amidst the sporadic guns fired at him as he took to his heels.

Martin Kyere narrated the story of a bloody torture and massacre he and over 50 others with about 44 being his compatriot were subjected to after The Gambian military men mistook them for mercenaries.

Mr. Kyere told his story at a news conference organized in Accra by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) to bring Yahya Jammeh, Ex-President of The Gambia who is believed to have ordered the ghastly murder to Justice.

Families of the victims who were at the launch of the “JAMMEH2JUSTICEGHANA” campaign could not hold their tears as Martin Kyere narrated the heinous ordeal they experienced in The Gambia.

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“In February 2005, over forty-four (44) of us (Ghanaians) boarded a small boat in Ghana to Senegal, en route to Europe to seek greener pastures.

The boat was, ho wever, intercepted when it entered The Gambia territorial waters, and we were arrested on trumped-up charges of attempting to topple Yahya Jammeh.

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The information was relayed to Mr. Jammeh, who was then celebrating the bloody coup that brought him to power, without any proper investigation, the coup maker ordered his men to kill us,” Mr. Kyere narrates.

According to him, “the soldiers, acting upon the instructions handcuffed and took us to a location. We were then transported into a forest before they killed my colleagues in cold blood I managed to escape to Senegal, and later returned to Ghana to break the news about the heinous crime.”

In the course of the inhumane treatment, two of the innocent Ghanaians, Martin kyere and other managed to escape, but one of the escapees was later arrested and slashed into pieces by one of the soldiers, using a machete.

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President Yahya Jammeh, initially, denied knowledge of the crime, but after intense diplomatic pressure admitted that his soldiers were behind it, but failed to tell the international community that he himself ordered the killings.


From: Prime News Ghana

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