State Owned Enterprises Directors commence training

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 Board of Directors of State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) is currently on a one-month good management training facilitated by the Management Development Institute (MDI) and funded by the World Bank. The training would cover all the public enterprises system in The Gambia.

It targets to address capacity gaps that affect public sector functionality and challenges of the State Owned Enterprises and to prepare the board of directors of public enterprises to be more effective and professional in their functions.

Course coordinator at MDI and World Bank consult in The Gambia Bumi Camara said several enterprises have suffered mismanagement issues in the past 22 years and for the country to move forward now, there is a need to reconfigure and reengineer state owned enterprises to effectively deliver the services they are supposed to.

The idea to train directors of State Owned Enterprises was initiated by Finance Ministry’s director of public private partnership, targetted at helping them to clearly understand and move the national development agenda.

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The training intends to create and promote transparency, accountability and good leadership in the state owned enterprises in the new Gambia.

Finance Ministry’s Director of Public Private Partnership and public enterprises Mustapha Samateh said in order to be transparent and accountable, there should be clear reference from the appointed directors or executives for them to be able to deliver to the country satisfaction.

“The total board members are 95 and 13 commercial enterprises are involved in the training in which the very best are picked who we believe would add value to the discussion. We are using of our local experts to facilitate discussions.”

From: The Point

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