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Friday, April 06, 2018

Widely known for their positive and enlightening tracks about societal-ill and taking a better road to success, rap Mbalax group Slam G is among the finest rap groups this country has ever produced.

Starting out in 1998, the City boys; as they are fondly call started music while still going to secondary school. United with a common purpose to promote positivity through music, Slam G was able to storm the weather by nurturing their talents, with hit drops one after the other.

Pa Omar Sowe alias Saidina Omar and Doudou Ngum alias Chatt Bondeh first bursted onto the scene with first hit song titled: Let’s Save it; an environmental awareness song released in 1998. This eventually won them an award from the National Environment Agency in recognition of their strong advocacy in conserving the country’s flora.

Then came was their debut album in 2012 titled: Chosani Ngenteh; which comprises smash hits such as Sugar Daddy, Chosani Ngenteh, Akabilaa, Kontan Chi Yow ft Cess Ngum and Valentine. The album is a combination of diverse genres fused together from rap mbalax, hip-hop, dancehall and soul acoustic.

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In December 2012, the group travelled to the UK, which added fresh impetus to their promising career, performing on the international stage and meeting completely different new fans. During that trip, they had couple of interviews with African TV call Ben TV and some popular online radios, magazines, promoters as well as producers.

They later established a fan base dubbed ‘Club Slam G,’ to bolster their growing popularity and the latter club gave them immense support in whatever initiative the group was involved in.

The City boys have over the years collaborated with big names in the country’s music scene and attended music fest globally.

One of their music projects featured Senegambian music legend, the late Musa Afia Ngum in a  hit song titled Banjul-Banjul, a rhythmic song  accompanied with rap flow and amazing lyrics.

From: The Point

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