Sindola Safari Lodge gets new management

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Sindola Safari Lodge in former president Yahya Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai has been transferred under a new management, Bunama Njie, general manager of Senegambia Beach Hotel and chairman of Gambia Hotel Association told tourism and entertainment journalists.

During a recent visit to the Lodge, Mr. Njie, who is among the new management said they are now targeting local market, which include weekend trips, workshops, and retreats and round trips, which involve tour operators in the name of tourists that want to visit the hinterland.

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“We are working with many tour operators who are interested in the package for the next winter season which we anticipate that the numbers will also increase. We are trying to revive the Sindola Safari camp and we understand that there is a huge demand in up-country facilities. Sindola is on the top of ring with regards to accommodation, nice land scape garden, pond with fishes, and swimming pools.”

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He said visiting Sindola would give people the opportunity to explore every tourism attraction possible. “90 percent of the work force is from the community here and the surrounding villages. That will give them the opportunity to have employment. We are also working with local cultural groups to entertain visitors and intend to work with women vegetable gardeners.”

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In terms of marketing, Mr. Njie said they have to restore peoples’ confidence in Sindola, saying the Lodge is safe like any other village in The Gambia and there is rich culture that people need to explore to understand Jola communities and the way they live. “We are all aware that during the roots festival there have been huge gatherings that need to be revised so that people can now enjoy the cultural values of the Jola tribe.”

Mr. Njie’s journey to his current position as General Manager of Senegambia Beach Hotel has given him the experience, drive and knowledge as a key leader in Gambia’s tourism and hospitality industry.

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