Senegalese Border Villagers Invade Gambian Border Village; Fighting Erupts Between The People Of Kerr-Yerro and Jahanka

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Fighting erupted today between two neighboring Gambian/Senegalese border villages resulting to one Gambian fire officer Ansumana Drammeh, being shot in the legs by the invading Senegalese villagers, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Drammeh was shot at in the legs, according to credible Gambian law enforcement sources. Mr. Drammeh has been rushed to the Bansang hospital for medical treatment. He is expected to be referred to Banjul for further medical attention. This followed, a long protracted dispute between the neighboring villagers over timber log trafficking. The villagers of Jahanka, situated in the Central River Region of the Gambia, have been accused by their Senegalese neighbors of deforestation and timber log smuggling. The trafficked logs from Senegal, are usually sold to Chinese businesses and shipped to China. Last month, a Senegalese forest guard was killed by Gambian timber traffickers. The incident has sparked bad blood between the two villagers.

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The villagers of Kerr-Yerro, situated in Senegal, this morning crossed the border and waged an attack against the villagers of Jahanka. Jahanka is situated in the Central River Region of The Gambia. It is not far from Bansang.

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The Kerr-Yerro villagers were armed with cutlasses and guns at the time of the attack. They vowed to set the village on fire; and kill residents. This followed, strained relationship between the two neighboring border villagers.

Last month, a Senegalese forest guard was allegedly killed by some villagers of Jahanka. Some of the accused villagers were taken into custody by the Bansang police.

Some personnel of Gambia’s fire and Ambulance Services, including Gambian law enforcement officers were already stationed at Jahanka at the time of the attack. They have been stationed at Jahanka for the past four months to guard timber logs seized from timber traffickers. It was a deadly incident, which created panic in both villages.

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The villagers of Kerr-Yerro were in Jahanka to avenge the death of the Senegalese forest guard. They physically assaulted the villagers of Jahanka.

As we go to press, tensions are mounting in Jahanka. Fighting is still ongoing.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: panderrymbai@gmail.com

Tel: 919-749-6319

from: Freedom Newspaper

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