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The whole country is on Balla Gaye and Modou Lo’s wrestling contest. To me this is nothing but an illusion.All is about Senegal and nothing for the Gambia. Unfortunately our own VIP’s are the ones patronising all this musical jamboree from Senegal. The fact is Senegalese hardly care about our music and culture.
Gambia has wealth of talent but they don’t grow much.The question is why?Our music promoters and artists has long cried fowl but the authorities turned deafeye. We need to change our attitude if we to make any meaningful development. Our drama industry is not moving anywhere because they given all the support to the Senegalese.Country and it’s people first before anything else. Senegal and the Gambia are one people/population but completely two different government. Senegal and Gambia’s problems has always been the two government’s and not people. The people are the same and one.
Our drama is unfolding a taste of brilliant yet they are hardly featured in Senegalese cinemas or televisions.It is undisputable fact that most Senegalese artists make money in the Gambia and still continues to collect huge monies without proper taxation as far as I know.Infact in the past one of Senegal famous female musician Titi was heard saying that she bought her first vehicle by a concern she was invited by the former president. We are not in anyway against Senegal or Senegalese musicians but we have to set the record straight.
They hardly invest in our country solidarity and disposing their social responsibility. They gate organic growth of young talents and somewhat deny them recording opportunities or charge them high prices in Senegal.Is all these a conspiracy or a calculated orchestration yo out us down culturally.
Even late Musa Ngum could not make it in Gambia and when he ran to Senegal, he played the second fiddle till he left. Why our own don’t prosper except for Jaliba.Even Jaliba is not very prosperous like Youssou Ndure and other famous Senegalese artists. Youssou for example is a world renoun artist with his multimedia companies and recording studios employing thousands of Senegalese while Jaliba still continues to struggle with D25/D50 show tickets.

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