The effects of human greed, undereducated men with guns and abuse of Mother Nature through sand minding. Rest in Power to the lives lost in Faraba Bantan, but that being said, please do not share the images of the dead on social media out of respect. This isn’t The Gambia that we want. All we can do is move forward.
The Gambia is becoming and has been such a cesspool of corruption and something needs to be done immediately! From illegal mining, illegal activities within the fishing industry, child sex trafficking and more it’s like every time I hear from my community back home it gets worse.

We will not allow murder of civilians over SAND. We will not allow murder period.
STOP the exploitation of Gambian people and Gambian natural resources. When it’s all said and done, will we survive off of eating money?
There needs to be honor restored for our country, respect for rules and regulations and EDUCATION PROVIDED FOR THE MEN WITH GUNS! Nothing could be more dangerous than an uneducated and scared individual hiding behind fire arms.

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Here’s to hoping that this is the last I see of situations like these.
Less luxury properties, less hotels, less restaurants – more investment and education needs to come into the country. This is getting ridiculous. We are a country, not just a holiday destination where everything is sunny and perfect in certain areas and lives are being taken & people are being silenced in others.
I’m disgusted but hopeful.

By: Yandeh Sallah-Muhammed

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