REVEALED: Gambian-Finnish marriage on the rise

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“There is no other place in the world where white women receive as much attention as in The Gambia,” said a Finnish woman who once visited the country.

Figures compiled by the national statistics keeper, Tilastokeskus revealed that 63 Gambian-Finnish marriages were registered last year.

According to the Finnish daily newspaper, Ilta Sanomat, The Gambia is now one of the most popular travel destinations among Finns looking for love.  One of their readers, Kari Jaakkola, said women travelling single are usually showered with compliments by Gambian men.

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Famous travel company, Tjäreborg admitted that the number of Finnish tourists to the country has doubled from 2,500 to 5,000 over the past year.

However, they denied The Gambia allegedly functioning as a sexual magnet.

The first time a Finnish lady married a Gambian man happened in 1989, according to Tilastokeskus. After a slow but steady growth, Finnish-Gambian marriages peaked in 2017 at 63.

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Courtesy of Sputnik News

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