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Residents Of Tallinding Medina Decry Insufficient Water Supply

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The inhabitants of Tallinding Medina decry of inaccessible supply of water during an outreach programme organized by the Ward Development Committee, headed by the ward Councilor Karamo Ceesay. The Tallinding Medina Ward Development Committee seeks to identify the problems faced by the people of the Ward and find solutions to them.

In an outreach programme held on Sunday October 14th, the inhabitants called on the Council to provide them with water supply. They dilated on the issues surrounding garbage collection in the Ward stating the challenges to dispose of waste within the Ward.

Aja Baturu Suso, a resident of Tallinding Medina Ward complained of the inaccessibility of water supply to some parts of the Ward, including her residence, due to the road construction. “We have concrete roads here and the water pipes cannot cross on it for us to get access to water. I am calling on Government to intervene and help us,” she said. She complained of the lack of proper mechanisms for waste collection and hailed the newly formed ward development committee for the plans they have for waste collection. Other residents made similar remarks.

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Abdoulie M. Sanyang, the chairman of the Tallinding Medina Ward said the outreach was organized to get firsthand information from the people of the ward on issues affecting them; that they have on their agenda, the revival of the clinic to make it a vibrant one, were the people of the ward shall benefit from. Lamin Sanyang, an executive member of the ward development committee also disclosed that they want to embark on a monthly cleansing exercise within the ward; that the community clinic is managed by an individual whilst the people of Tallinding are not getting any benefit from it. “We want to revive the clinic to make it beneficial to the people of Tallinding, so that they can have access to health services with ease,” he said.

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On his part, Ward Councilor Karamo Ceesay said it was within his campaign manifesto to form a ward development committee that will be responsible of identifying problems facing the people, and finding solutions to remedy them. “The major problem of this ward include inaccessible water supply and waste collection. We have a plan of removing the dumpsite on the riverbank and taking our waste to the Bakoteh dumpsite. I have plans of reviving the place where the clinic is located and make it more vibrant. I want to revive it by including a Library and to organize private classes for students free of charge,” he said. Councilor Ceesay expressed willingness to lead the people on a monthly cleansing exercise, and called on the people to support his activities.


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