RawdatulMajaalis proposes meaningful dialogue to resolve religious controversies

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An Islamic religious organisation that calls themselves RawdatulMajaalis has proposed for all the parties that are involved in Islamic disagreements in the country to sit and conduct a meaningful dialogue to end the issues of controversy, if any.

Members of the organisation say they are ready and unconditionally committed to reconciliation efforts and to do away, at the same time, with any act of provocation.

Established on April 17 this year, the organisation’s members said they are keenly interested in preserving its good reputation, the safety of the country and its citizenry and would continue to help in keeping security and law and order based on its commitment to religious tolerance and lofty principles of Islam.

The organisation’s president, Baba Abubakarr Drammeh, said an unprecedented commotion aroused following the inauguration of the organisation and its executive. “It should be indicated that the membership of this organisation includes large number of the citizens of our neighbouring countries such as Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Conakry, Mali, Cote de Voire and Burkina Faso.”

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Mr. Drammeh said as the new members of the executive office were announced, a stream of severe oral criticisms surged from some people who believed that such an organisation may have been intended to put an end to their “hegemony” of the religious and cultural scene, not only in The Gambia but also in the sub-region.

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“They resort to pouring a barrage of insults and disparaging remarks against the RawdatulMajaalis leadership. It was clearly an attempt to incite a sedition, hatred and turmoil, if possible in the society,” Mr. Drammeh said. But he said the good news is there were positive responses in the wake of the creation of the organisation that overwhelmingly overweighed those of negative comments across The Gambia and the sub-region.

He said they are now calling its members and the entire Gambian citizens to refrain from the violence and all forms of religious extremism, orally and otherwise and to desist from all destabilizing campaigns in the country. “We request people to desist from any attempt to involve in any form of cross-border crimes as individuals or groups and to refrain from character and personal vilification against innocent persons, from leveling false accusations against individuals, groups, organisations, agencies, religious and temporal institutions.”

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Mr. Drammeh said if people learn to live together peacefully, the organisation can show to the entire world that its members remain united as brothers and sisters and they will together work to ensure unity, solidarity, love for one another and peace in the interest of one Gambia, one people and one nation.

From: The Point

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