Project Gambia 2018: Ridgewood Students get busy decorating medical centre

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Report submitted by Ridgewood School

Project Gambia today took the long trip inland to visit the farm and medical centre at Sintet. A coach, a minibus, and two land rovers set out on the 3 hour journey through the beautiful Gambian countryside.

When we arrived the temperature was 40 degrees, a marked contrast to what we hear you are all enduring back in the UK!

We did some work to tidy up the medical centre and Miss Narrowmore led students from Ridgewood and Earls in decorating the medical centre with signage and pictures in relation to basic health prevention messages.

Everyone had the opportunity to visit the farm which (6 years to the day after we first visited Sintet) now supports the village and provides cash crops – cashews and onions – which can be sold so that the farm is now self sustaining.

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A big thank you to everyone who has supported Project Gambia over the years and especially the Stourbridge News “well of life” appeal, you have helped feed a drought stricken village.

We then enjoyed a home cooked Gambian meal of chicken, rice, and vegetables grown on the farm before heading back for some well earned pool time. We then entertained the local villagers with singing led by Miss Haines and Miss Hackett (who had written a song especially for the occasion), which was well received.

A very big “well done” to all Earls and Ridgewood students who worked tirelessly and uncomplainingly on a very hot day – they can rightly be proud of themselves.

John Hodt

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