Police nab Gambian migrant accused of Islamic State sympathy

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ROME –  Police say they have arrested a Gambian asylum seeker who arrived on a migrant boat last year from Libya and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.
Police chief Franco Gabrielli said 21-year-old Alagie Touray wasn’t caught plotting a specific attack. But he said Italy’s intelligence agencies suspected it was “highly probable” that he might, given the pledge he purportedly made in a video and sent by the Telegram app. He had received instructions to drive a car into a crowd, the ANSA news agency reported.
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Touray was arrested Friday near Naples, where he has lived in a migrant welcome center since arriving in Italy in March 2017 with hundreds of other migrants, ANSA said.
Naples chief prosecutor Giovanni Melillo said Touray was accused of participation in a terrorist association
From: Archive.today

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