Police Deny Killa Ace’s Brutality Allegations

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The Gambia Police Force has denied allegations of brutality made against the force by popular rapper Killa Ace.

Killa Ace in a written tell-all last week said he was brutalized by six men of the police Anti-Crime Unit.

The alleged torture is said to have taken place in Serrekunda.

But police said in a statement on Monday that “Ali Cham’s claim of being tortured by the police is unfounded for everything that transpired was according to due process of the law.”

“It is a wide known fact that the section of the Serekunda market known as ‘Black Market’ is mainly the place where thieves, burglars, robbers, etc, usually dispose properties stolen from victims of crime. For these reasons, operatives of the Gambia Police Force usually monitor and conduct surveillance to track down stolen properties linked to reports and complaints,” the statement said.

According to the police, on Monday the 29th October 2018 around mid-night the police conducted a routine ‘stop and search’ operation at the ‘Black Market’ and individuals who couldn’t give proper account of valuables in their possession were taken in for further questioning.

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“Ali Cham alias Killa Ace, was found at the ‘Black Market’ during such odd hours of the night. He was found with a bag containing suspected stolen properties. He requested for the identity of officers which was done straightaway but he refused to be searched and further went on insulting officers while posing serious physical resistance and to top it all he assaulted a uniformed officer and tore apart both his uniform shirt and trouser,” the statement added.

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