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I feel very sad and disturbed about the way some of our so-called intellectuals and public figures analyze certain issues. How can they encourage negative actions by certain disgruntled citizens and calling their actions as human, constitutional, and civil rights? Have they forgotten that public protests are been modernised by technology. Use technology at your disposal to avoid physical confrontations. Forget the old fashioned ways of making your voices heard and resort to modern ways with the help of technology.

Why can’t these so called intellectuals and public figures divert the attentions of these protesters to using the easiest and peaceful means by using the electronic and print medias which doesn’t involve any violent physical confrontations with the state securities. We have to stop the diplomatic hypocrisies between our so called intellectuals, public figures and technocrats. The Gambia belongs to every Gambian. Is better to put preventive measures in place rather that control measures for our country to move forward. Too much flashing political and intellectual thugs.

By: Immortal Pan

Fellow Gambians,🇬🇲

Two years ago when I called for a peaceful protest against the dictatorship regime of Yayah Jammeh in The Gambia; I paid the heavy price for it. My (Our) intentions were pure and pro-Gambia. Today, the dynamics have changed. We have the democracy we’ve been crying for. I have repeatedly stated that; whereas, President Barrow wants the BEST for the nation and he is a good person; the challenges that confront him are many. One would think that his advisers and technocrats; including #CoalitionGovernmentLeaders are either not honest with him or dishonest to this nation.

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Every good President is surrounded by good advisers that are independent of the political settings and can discern the country’s situation to give honest advice to the President. He then takes the leadership based on the many options to ACT in the “BEST INTEREST” of the country. We need to demystify this “Office” and “Office Holder” called Presidency. Is not the kingdom of heaven! Is a place for WORK and SERVICE. Everyone should have access to the various structures that represent the people. Now, back to the issue, we have to admit that things ain’t necessarily going the way we had expected. Democracy is like that, unfortunately.

We are all paying the price for the decision we took – 1st December 2016. #CoalitionGovernment lacks the VISION and DIRECTION to usher in the #NewGambiaWeWant. They clearly lack the capacity and capability to do that as a “Coalition Government”. The reason why the 2021 elections my people are super important. If we don’t get it right in the next 3years and then make the mistake of voting it wrong in 2021; there will be #

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 days ahead. Excuse my unnecessary rants above; it was a distraction to my intended point. I support anybody, any group and any people that want to exercise their right to a “Freedom of Speech”.

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No MAN should be denied this right. The same way, his/her convictions should equate with the responsibility of taking the responsibilities of the outcomes on the exercise of his/her RIGHTS positive or negative. I have done that once in the NAME of love for country. It was frustrating and rewarding!#TeamDefaDoy; I send you #PeacefulPrayers, in anticipation that you will act responsibly as the true patriots that you are. I am proud of you and unfortunately not on the ground to be in the frontline. Please keep the emotions under control and focus on the collective vision. If I was the President; I will send a delegation to welcome and speak to you. We are an inpatient generation with access to fascinating knowledge and resources that allow us to see and do things differently. The older generation on the other hand; finds it hard to believe how soon we’ve come. We need to give them time to adjust and support them in adjusting by holding them accountable. The reason why I support the IDEA behind the PROTEST.

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Even if I would MANIFEST the IDEA differently in this case; based on the “responsible response” of #PresidentBarrow. The approaches and manner in which it was done, could be questioned, but am yet to SEE the perfection and satisfaction of MAN. I am sure the police will ACT responsibly and tactfully. I have spoken to colleagues in the audio-visual industry to capture all moments as evidence that indeed when young people come together in harmony with a VISION for social justice and development; they will not only succeed; but will inspire the world. Today, we shape the narrative of our “New Democracy”. Whatever democracy means, i am always in suspense of what it will produce for little big Gambia.

I pray all goes well and I commit today and the entire days of #NewGambiato the hands of Allah. My Generation will take on the leadership of The Gambia sooner than later. It will not be by force. But with hard-work and the favours of TIME and “The God” behind TIME and all that comes with TIME.

Yours Faithfully,
Ibrahim Ceesay (Sar-Shalom)🕊



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