Paradise TV to start operations in 3 months

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Friday, April 06, 2018

The Paradise TV will start operations in three months, according to its chief executive officer (CEO), Harrona Drammeh.

Speaking in an interview with The Point, Mr. Drammeh described TV as the second most popular mass media channel in the world and that its growth is seen all over the world every day. “Because of its transmission of speech and moving pictures, it has become one of the most viable and strong story tellers.”

TV, he argued, is therefore a means for political, economic, cultural and other elites to inform, educate, entertain and influence the public. TV plays a central role in all aspects of contemporary society; from art, sports and politics to entertainment, education and marketing, he added.

“An informed knowledge and critical understanding of this medium not only provide invaluable insights into ways in which we communicate, represent and reflect on ourselves and the world.”


Mr. Drammeh expressed delights that the new government is granting licence for TV, pointing out that it was only one television during the last regime that was operating and tightly controlled by the government.

“I have been in radio and television broadcasting for three decades and it’s my way of life and not about business, but I am doing it with all my heart and we will do very well,” Mr. Drammeh said.

He further explained that he will employ those that deserve to run the dial activities of the TV because they want to create opportunities for young people to learn television and continue to contribute towards creating industry television in The Gambia.

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“We have responsibilities towards young people and we will fight to our level and fulfill that corporate responsibility that the public is expecting from us. I have not partnered with anyone and I have no intension to partner with anyone because I believe it’s about time for Gambians to be proud of Gambia and things can be done by Gambians.”

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Mr. Drammeh said there was no secret about the fact that TV is something he had wanted for so long and he had been working towards achieving it.

He disclosed that he has been meeting the former president and the Information Ministry for a TV licence, but only received unfulfilled promises.

“I call on media practitioners to learn and do the work well in professionalism, ethics and other engagements. There is an achievement for the new government by allowing us to be expressive, but the long we abuse that freedom, the less we would get to enjoy it, so we have to be careful by doing  what is right and expected from us.”

Mr. Drammeh stressed that Paradise TV will not allow stereotyping, saying; “we are all equal and should encourage unity among us. “My mother is Fulla and my father is Sarahulleh and both sides are imams, but that doesn’t mean I have to name my TV, a Muslim TV, so my loyalty is my people and my people is everybody.” he stated.


From: The Point

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