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GAMBIA:NRP Leader Called On Defected Supporters To Return.

NRP Leader Called On Defected Supporters To Return.

Information reaching this medium have it that, Hon. Hamat Bah the leader of National Reconciliation Party (NRP) has called on his supporters who have defected to Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) or other parties to return to his party with immediate effect. Mr. Bah made this called at a recently concluded NRP congress held in Jarra Soma in Lower River Region. Although it is not clear as to what must have warrant Hon. Bah to make such a called but people who were in attendance described him as frustrated and disgruntle as he loose a good number of supporters to other parties.


Mr Bah who was elected unopposed party leader said those who joined the GDC are welcome back without any condition; but was quick to add that those thinking that when they are back to the NRP they will automatically get jobs can stay away because the NRP is not the government and doesn’t have jobs for them. The NRP leader continued to reveal that one of the most important achievements of his party is the spot counting introduced by the IEC, which finally saw the fall of the Yahya Jammeh regime.
He said the NRP made it abundantly clear to the IEC that it’s only when spot counting is introduced that it will partake in any election. Hon. Bah said he had studied that only spot counting can end the reign of leaders overstaying in power. He further said that the NRP will continue to promote democracy in The Gambia and will endeavor to nurture it. Hon. Bah concluded by saying that the party will continue to promote the agenda of youths and women of this country.

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