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NRP Is The Mother Of Coalition 2016, Suso Brags

Deputy leader of the National Reconciliation Party, Musa Suso has bragged that his party laid the groundwork for the forming of Coalition 2016.

In 2016, seven political parties formed a united front and contested against former president Yahya Jammeh.

And speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Suso said: ‘The realization of this coalition was created by the NRP. The spot counting was brought up by NRP. I can say and boost that NRP has brought the struggle, all the liberation. It was here in the NRP that the credule of the opposition coalition as born and created and christen here. The first letter of the coalition was written in this office.”

According to him, the idea of spot counting was suggested by NRP and it was the party that engaged the Independence Electoral Commission for the introduction of the spot counting.
He added that when the 11-day presidential election timetable was made, his party leader confronted the other party leaders to consider the eleven days to even boycott the elections but that other leaders never agreed to him because ‘they were ambitious to contest the election.’

However, he said: “Halifa organise a small conference, we attended three conferences at Kairaba. PDOIS finance three conferences. That is the financing PDOIS is talking about because Halifa initiated it and it was purposely for the presidential aspirants.”

The National Reconciliation Party is led by Hamat Bah.

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