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I prefer reasonable competence over sentimental gender card.
We have had women Vice Presidents twice already. Trying men this time onwards is not a bad idea and I don’t think those feminists howling over the cabinet reshuffle, are being fair to our womenfolk and our nation.
Does the crowding of various offices with flashy women translate into better living standards for the majority of our women in the markets and on the farms?

If we take a serious look at our state machinery, we still have women in key decision-making positions within the structures of our various Embassies, Ministries, Health Facilities, Education Departments, Security Forces and more.
Maybe, the official Gambia Bureau of Statistics can help us with head counts so that we can get a better understanding of this gender spread.

Women empowerment does not mean having women in high posts just as glossy “poster girls” of gender balance.
Women empowerment should profoundly be about women having space and means to pursue their dreams and aspirations.
Warmest regards,
By: Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu.

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Sarr Omar –> Are you saying there are no more competent women in The Gambia to fill the other cabinet positions? Only 2 women out of almost 20 cabinet positions is very poor.

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu –> NO one is saying that Sir Sarr Omar.
We can even have 10 women as cabinet ministers but will it improve the welfare of the majority women in our country?
We had a woman as Minister of Health and Social Welfare as an example. Kindly educate me on how her female competence as Minister of Health helped in improving the wellbeing of pregnant or lactating mothers visiting our health centers under her watch???
We now have Dr. ISATOU TOURAY as new Health Minister.
It is not about the NUMBERS. It is about their impact. One woman can have more impact and make a huge difference than hundreds of ceremonial poster girls in the cabinet.
Thank you very much.

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Sarr Omar –> The former minister of Healthcare was not necessarily competent, to begin with. However, there is a pool of competent females to choose from around the country. We are diverse peoples, women empowerment is crucial in progressive societies. This patriarchal way of running the country is outdated. The key word is competence. Going by yr argument how many male leaders have we had since independence? What have they really achieved for us?

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu –> The same question can be asked about all other genders as power politics can be gender natural.
No one is stopping competent women from becoming whatever they want. We are both saying the same thing though with a different style. See the last line of my post on the DRsEAMS AND ASPIRATIONS of women.
If a woman wants to become The Pope for instance, I will not stop or discourage her if she feels she is competent for it.

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Sarr Omar –> If we are saying the same thing, then I would expect you to promote gender empowerment and not endorse the status quo because only two cabinet female appointments is poor indeed. Additional, we are a secular country religious diversity should reflect as well. Thank you sir

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu –> I am promoting and empowering women my way already. My films BLEEDING BLADE and PAIN OF SORROW are made to promote and give space to women.
I have given leading roles to women in my films. So am not waiting to be told to empower women.

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