nephew of Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe could not be disciplined by the NDEA Command because of his relations

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A Gambian anti-narcotic officer, who is said to be a nephew of Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe, and was implicated in a high-profile drug case, could not be disciplined by the NDEA Command because of his relationship with the UDP leader, insiders at the NDEA have intimated. Sub-Inspector Karamba Jawla, was recently investigated by the NDEA intelligence unit on alleged drug dealing, exhibit smuggling and proliferation, which investigators say, he allegedly handed to an alleged notorious drug dealer in town for sale.


This followed, allegations made against two personnel of the NDEA: Karamba Jawla and Modou Njie, a driver at the NDEA, by one Ebrima Ndow, AKA Ratty, who claimed that the duo normally supply him with drugs to sell. Mr. Ndow is a native of Medina Serign Mass. He has been arrested by the NDEA on numerous occasions on drug related offenses. He is a familiar face to Gambia’s anti-narcotic officers.

Ratty, had Mr. Jawla on tape discussing the alleged drugs officer Jawla had allegedly supplied to him to sell. Both Jawla and Njie were implicated by Ratty in his statement to the NDEA.

The NDEA intelligence unit at CTI, in Kololi, handled the two accused officers case. Veteran Gambian detective Pa Habib Mbye was among the officers who handled Jawla’s case.

Ratty is highly connected to the NDEA top brass. He has in the recent past got some officers fired. He made similar allegations against NDEA ASP Yankuba Camara, and NDEA Inspector Saikouba Jammeh after he was busted with 15 packs of marijuana, but the NDEA command sided with the drug dealer.


ASP Camara was fired for not being able to account for the drug exhibits seized from Ratty and his co accused person, while Saikouba Jammeh, was dismissed because the NDEA DG Bakary Gassama, accused him of undermining his administration. Gassama also reportedly said Jammeh is married to a relative of the former president Yahya Jammeh. We will get into the Saikouba’s story momentarily. Stay tuned.

At the end of the investigations of Karamba Jawla and Modou Njie’s case, the NDEA investigators recommended that Jawla  and Njie should be dismissed, or in a worse case scenario, Jawla should be transferred to the NDEA offices in Pipeline as a gate man officer. That was the punishment meted out to him, even though he has been accused of supplying drugs to a drug dealer.


As soon as Jawla complained to the NDEA leadership, about his transfer, he was moved to the NDEA CTI intelligence unit as an intelligence officer, insiders said.  His relationship with Ousainou Darboe, had influenced Gassama and co’s move to rescind their decision to demote Jawla as a gate man, the insiders added.

Mr. Jawla was attached to the Serre-Kunda station as a drug officer at the time of the alleged incident. It is not clear if he has discussed the matter with Ousainou Darboe, but NDEA sources noted that Jawla ought to have been dismissed but because of his relationship with Mr. Darboe, he was spared.

Inspector Saikouba Jammeh and ASP Yankuba Camara Fired Because Of Ratty

Saikouba Jammeh, is an anti-narcotic officer. He joined the NDEA in 2005. He is a native of Nuimi Essau. He has served in various part of the country, as an anti narcotic officer.


Mr. Jammeh is married to a relative of the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. His wife is also related to the former NDEA DG, the late Benedict Jammeh.

Saikouba Jammeh, was up and about in town, when he saw Ratty and six others smoking marijuana. He phoned his boss ASP Yankuba Camara, and asked him, if he could send a reinforcement to arrest Ratty and others.

Yanks Camara showed up alone, but that never stopped Jammeh from pursuing the alleged lawbreakers. Camara and Jammeh conducted the raid and they arrested a man, who was caught with 15 packs of marijuana. Ratty, and co evaded arrested.

While the accused person was being taken to the Brusibi station, where Jammeh was posted, Jammeh received a phone call from Ratty, who allegedly threatened to get him fired. Ratty told him that if he doesn’t quit “spoiling his drug market” he will get him fired. He accused Jammeh of harassing his customers. Jammeh recorded the conversation he had with Ratty, according to sources. ASP Yankuba Camara was in the vehicle at the time.

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When Ratty’s co accused person, was interviewed by detectives, he confessed that the 15 packs of marijuana belongs to Ratty. Efforts were made by Inspector Jammeh and ASP Camara to have Ratty arrested. Ratty at the time was reporting to the Banjunding police station on a different drug case.

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Jammeh and his boss Camara submitted a request through the station officer (S/O) at Banjulnding to help them detain Ratty if he reports at the station for his bail checking. Word later reached the duo from the Banjulnding S/O that Ratty had stopped reporting to Banjulnding station. The S/O told them that Ratty was instead reporting to Sibanorr, in the Fonis and not Banjulnding.

NDEA Commissioner Malut Faal, a native of Barra, and also a former Gendarmerie officer, told ASP Yankuba Camara, to forget about Ratty’s case. He pleaded with the officer to drop the case.

Faal also engineered the transfer of Inspector Saikouba Jammeh from the Brusibi station to Sanyang. Mr. Jammeh had worked at the Brusibi station for about six months, prior to his sudden transfer.

While in Sanyang, Jammeh, received a message from one of his colleagues, who informed him that there was a conspiracy being hatched to have him implicated by Ratty. A day, or so, he received a phone call from Commissioner Malut Faal, who instructed him to report to the NDEA CTI offices for an interview.

On arrival at the NDEA CTI offices, Jammeh was interviewed by officer Pa Mbye and Momodou S Baldeh, and Pa Manneh. He was confronted with allegations that he left with the seized 15 packs of drugs he seized from Ratty’s co accused person. Mr. Jammeh denied the allegations. He told Pa Mbye and co that at the time of the apprehension, he recorded the seized drugs into the station’s diary. He also said he handed over the 15 packs of cannabis to ASP Yankuba Camara for safekeeping.


Yankuba Camara at some point during the course of the investigations, he wanted to throw Jammeh under the bus, but he later confessed that the exhibits were indeed handed to him by Jammeh. Though, ASP Camara, couldn’t account for the seized drugs. He told Pa Mbye and his co investigators that he resorted to burning the seized drugs, even though he doesn’t have the powers as an ASP, to destroy exhibits without the approval of his superiors at the NDEA.

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Detective Pa Mbye recommended at the end of his investigations that Yankuba Camara should be demoted from the rank of ASP to Sub-Inspector, while he said Saikouba Jammeh, should be allowed to continue working with the agency.

At the level of the NDEA Directorate, DG Bakary Gassama decided that he was going to fire both Yankuba Camara and Saikouba Jammeh. His Deputy Tijan Bah, had earlier tried to lure the two accused officers to write an apology letter, so that management can pardon them, but Saikouba Jammeh, stood his ground. He said he will not apologize because he hasn’t done anything wrong. His boss Yanks Camara, wrote an apology, but notwithstanding that never saved him from not being sacked. Both him and Jammeh were fired.


DG Bakary Gassama has been accused of nepotism. He spared officer Karamba Jawla and Modou Njie, even though the NDEA investigators had recommended for disciplinary action to be taken against the two officers.

The NDEA top brass were also trying to have officer Saikouba Jammeh implicated in Karamba Jawla and Modou Njie’s drug case. Detective Pa Mbye, was categorical in his statement when one of the officers tried to imply that the officer speaking on the tape with Ratty was Saikouba Jammeh. Pa Mbye told them that the officer on the tape was not Saikou

NDEA insiders have accused management of working with drug dealers to dispose drug exhibits in NDEA stores. Bakary Gassama, Lamin Gassama, Tijan Bah, and Malut Faal’s names have featured prominently in both cases involving Ratty.

Saikouba Jammeh, has filed a complaint with the Ombudsman–alleging unlawful termination, discrimination among others against the Directorate of the NDEA.  The Ombudsman is yet to contact the NDEA Directorate on Jammeh’s allegations against Bakary Gassama, and co, according to sources reaching this medium.

The NDEA Directorate could not be reached for their own side of the story.

From: Freedom News Paper

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