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NA Adopts Membership To Parliamentary Friendship Groups

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The country’s Lawmakers have adopted the Lawmaking body’s nomination of membership to the Parliamentary Friendship Group between The National Assembly of The Gambia and National People’s Congress of The People’s Republic of China and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The bill to this two foreign national assemblies, was adopted yesterday September 3, 2018, at the Legislative House in Banjul.
The Member for Kombo North and Majority Leader Kebba K Barrow, said the nominations were made in accordance with Clause 76 (2) of the Standing Orders of the National Assembly.
He reminded the House that these two Parliamentary Friendship Groups were established by Deputies through motions tabled on Wednesday 4th October 2017, giving the Select Committee the mandate to nominate membership to these Friendship Groups.
“The Committee of Selection met on Thursday 14th

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June 2018, to consider the nomination of Membership to these Groups. After deliberations, the Committee concluded on the composition of the said groups”, said Barrow; that the methodology and criteria used by the Committee, was expertise, experience, political pluralism and gender sensitivity among others; that they were guided and assisted by the Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly during the process.

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