Musa Jeng Challenged to Bring Evidence Against Mai Fatty

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We challenge Musa Jeng the deputy party leader of PPP and presidential youth adviser to come up with an evidence-based proof to prove his claim against GMC leader Mai Ahmad Fatty or else we’ll call him a liar. Enough of this nonsense and malicious and baseless allegations on our party leader designed to divert people from the real issues affecting the people, and to undermine the intellectual credentials and social integrity of an honest and hardworking man for their own selfish interest.

We’ll challenge your distort ing narratives in your frustrated attempt to discredit him. Musa Jeng, I’m putting it to you that you have no idea of what you are saying, therefore, save yourself from future embarrassment. We are prepared to climb up to the highest mountain and swim in a deeper sea to get to the bottom of this matter. Truth versus falsehood and falsehood shall perish as falsehood by nature is bound to perish. You wait we too shall wait, the truth shall be revealed.

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By: Shorty Jammeh

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