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By: Superior Thinker

Since his appointment as the country’s Vice President thus endless and baseless talks have been the center stage within the political antagonistic groups. What we have to understand is that law is distinct from other things. What is law is law and nothing changes unless it is given due amendments. The appointment of Mr Darboe as our Vice President is constitutional and legal. The legal bases surrounding his appointment is justified in section 62 (3) which captures the main terms ” a person while holding public office”. This brought the question. What public office was he holding at the time of his premeditated conviction? Should we rely on dictionary definition to justified his conviction? Or should we invent our own definition of public office to barred him? As far as I am concern the term occupying, serving and serving in a public office is never applicable to Mr Darboe. In fact, he was not serving any public office. Those arguing that been a leader of a party at that point in time means occupying a public office are nothing but constitutionally bankrupt.


In fact, under the Interpretation and enforcement chapter of the constitution thus its section 230 has clearly given the definition of Public Office to ” to includes an office the emoluments attached to which are paid directly from the Consolidated Fund or directly out of moneys provided by an Act of the national assembly and the office of a member of a local government authority or the staff of a local government authority or a member of a public enterprise or of the staff of a public enterprise” Was he occupying any of the post or issue laid down by the interpretation above? what is the unnecessary saga all about when the supreme law of the land has clearly explain what public office is and at that point in time this man was a private practitioner of law. So, we cannot argue that his position as a party or anything related to that is public office when the supreme law which we use to govern ourselves doesn’t expressly indicate so. Mr. Darboe is a legal pundit. He is such an honest constitutional lawyer who will not bent the provisions of the law to accept a post which is illegal.

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So, constitutional jurisprudence was use to appoint Mr Darboe and any attempt made to twarth such is ab ini tio null and void. Let us get this right. Mr Darboe is one of the best politician Gambia could ever produced. He has made it clear. If his appointment is unconstitutional then the floodgate is open for its to be challenged at the supreme court. He has given the political animals the benefit of the doubt. Holding law books and literary reading pick and choose section is not how law works. His competency and role in this coalition government is unprecedented. Under, his efforts as the former Foreign Affairs Minister Gambia was able to regain its glory within the international hemisphere after a long continental isolation. His strategy on the tactical alliance has helped to diminished the foreseen disastrous calamity from that tissue paper they called MOU.

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This man was able to forgive the former Dictator. His love for this country is sacred. If not he wouldn’t have surrendered himself at the expense of his life to claim for justice when we have able body men who can do it. Let us stop this prejudice against the man. Hatred and foolish political abracadabra cannot take our country forward. Not even Darboe only but let us stop baseless accusations on our leaders. The law is for everyone. Ignorance of the law means get the law and understand it before making pre empty talks.

We have to stop the hate and lies been directed towards all politicians.

Remain yours in the service of the nation.

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